Day 17

Weighing in at an unverified weight and relying strictly on the power in numbers, we haaaaave garlic in the one corner. Aaaaand in the other corner, with an astonishing weight of 84 pounds of pure puppy muscle and fiery fluffed fur, he’s got paws that pack a punch and a tongue that flails in a fury. He’s rough, and he’s tough, but he’s a giant teddy bear…McSorely!



Two surprise visitors join us at the ESL garden today. Deciding it was time for a visit/check-up, my mom made the three-hour trek out to Canton this afternoon to stay for a good ole weekend of life on the farm—yeehaw! Though not much work got done with this bad boy in the fields, it sure made for a good time. We mainly just walked around as I told her what was what in the garden and gave her the lowdown on my pretty low-key life these days. Eh, the weather wasn’t the greatest (downpours…again) but we managed to make the best of it.

Seeing these two familiar faces on the farm was both awesome and odd, and it made me think. Working out here by myself can get pretty lonely sometimes, so getting to share my hard work and newfound knowledge with the people—and pets—I care most about makes it all seem a little more valuable. There’s days when I wonder if the time and effort I’m putting into toiling away at twisted roots and bean shoots is really worth the isolation and doubt that comes in waves and makes the days seem to drag on forever. But when events like this happen, when I finally get to share my passion with the people I love, I suddenly realize how quickly this is all going by. It’s been a month already, and with less than two weeks to go my mind slips into a bit of a panic mode when it questions what’s in store for me next.

But then I remind myself to slow down. It’s not about what’s to come; it’s the here and now we have to love. It’s being aware of our surroundings, being positive about the little joys, and being accepting of the lesser ones. It’s basking in the sun when it shines and smiling even when it rains. It’s the ability to see that you’re doing something real in this world, and making somebody of yourself despite your own doubts, and it’s realizing—even when it seems impossible—that you’re invaluable. Because soon enough it’ll all be another part of your past.

So love this moment…..even if your dog is getting bored with it.Image



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