Day 20

            A pretty low-key day today, as I spent a lot of time yesterday getting my big projects out of the way. Other than mowing about half the lawn before the red monster decided it was done for the day (even though I wasn’t…), the countless scratches from the small locust tree limbs I chopped down to prevent bending, and the two new spider bites to add to my collection, everything went great!

            A little weeding, a little watering, and a little wishing it were ten degrees warmer made for a nice enough time tending to the garden. The best part though? After doing that microscopic weeding I talked about yesterday, I had sent Carrie an email letting her know about my work and hoping (perhaps a little too excitedly) that I might get to plant something there before my internship was up. Because she’s so great, she immediately took me inside this morning to check out the various seed packets on the back porch—who knew I would get rewarded so soon!

            So I spent some time today casually planting some rows of what would soon be little sprouts to surprise Ann with. My victims of choice: corn, onions, green beans, and more zinnias! Because I’ve got to keep things somewhat pretty to those with eyes not quite accustomed to the beauty of a healthy cucumber or cabbage head.

Most people don’t get the chance to really appreciate the beauty of our food before it makes its way into the ground, so I thought I’d share some with you today. One of the prettiest color palettes I’ve seen in a while comes straight from these little corn seeds—reds, oranges, yellows, browns, even purples that are enough to put Sherwin-Williams to shame. The pleasures today were simple ones, no doubt, but they were perfect nonetheless.



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