Day 21

            It was sooo incredibly hot today, I’m not sure which helped water the crops more: the rain from the night before or the sweat literally pouring off of me as I struggled to get through the day. With a high of 82 and humidity at 40% all the mowing, raking, and weeding taking place were quickly wearing me out.

There’s been some workers painting the ESL house for the past few days and even they commented on how crazy the conditions were: “Looks like ya’ve got your work cut out for ya today, huh? And jeeze, that thing’s gotta be twice the size uh ya,” they said with a chuckle as they measured me up to the mower, “Sure glad we get to paint in the shade, huh!”

Yeah…I’m really glad that you get to paint in the shade, mister. I’ll just keep pushing this thing in the sweltering, insufferable sun though, no worries!

Hey, what am I doing? Complaining is nothing but useless and annoying, and honestly, today wasn’t all too terrible. In fact, I was even proud as I left, knowing just how capable I am of putting myself through difficulties when I have the determination to finish. A “perfectionist” is what my mother always calls me; I used to get annoyed, thinking it an insult, but I think I’ve come to see the benefits of my minor-OCD tendencies. Sure, it takes me some extra time to make sure things get done right and on time, but if I weren’t like that then who’s to say I’d ever get anything done at all?

Speaking of my ability to keep at it when the goings get tough, take a look at this lovely little piece of land that I conquered today.



Just last week, after weed wacking the entire thing and attempting (and failing miserably) to mow the remaining grasses down, I gave up on the damn thing. Perhaps it was spite, or just a little craziness inside me, but either way my perfectionist self made today the day to get revenge. So after raking the entire thing free from excess debris and picking out random cinder blocks and wood stakes from the middle of it, the mowing monster and I took our second shot and…succeeded!

Other than that, I finished mowing the rest of the garden and basically just weeded out some remaining patches to keep things growing at a constant. And instead of biking home that afternoon, I rode into campus to help out one of my housemates with her internship at Campus Kitchens—a weekly nonprofit community dinner put on by volunteers and kept going by donations from various local farms, including mine! It was a really random decision, and one that lasted about two hours longer than I had planned, but one that was definitely worth it.

Oh, and I almost forgot…look who I found today! Sorry it’s a little hard to see, but isn’t she so cute?! There’s been a momma making appearances every so often and now we know why—three baby kittens to keep me company!



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