Day 22

            Taking quite an unexpected turn from yesterday’s sun and heat, this morning’s random rainstorms and high winds made for an interesting bike ride to the garden. After getting so much done these past few days, I felt a little less guilty cutting things short as my raincoat quickly stopped absorbing the pesky pellets, which ultimately left me chilled and not-so-cheery after the ride home.

            While my coat was still doing its job and keeping me dry (somewhat), I managed to trim around the raised beds, lay some hay over one of the potato patches, and start uprooting the edges of the blueberry patch to make it bigger sometime in the future. Nothing too exciting guys, I’m sorry.

Despite dreary days like this though, the garden somehow always manages to find a way to brighten things up. Just as I was getting fed up with the wet weather I trekked up to the sheep shed to put away the rake and hoe I had been using, and as I reached up to place them on their respective posts, I slammed my elbow into the wall—who ever named it the funny bone, really? Gasping in pain and filling with frustration, I bent down to pick up the coil of twine that got knocked over in the process, and as I went to place it back on the nail it fell from I was led straight to today’s ray of sunshine. Resting atop the same nail lay a rose delicately dried.

I must have passed it by two dozen times on my trips in and out of the barn, sadly letting it go unnoticed. And just as I began to think, just how ignorant can you be to never have seen this before?, I realized that that only made it all the more special today. Perhaps I had seen it before even, but on a warmer and sunnier day I may not have really seen it, but only glanced at it without acknowledgement. It’s on days that we truly need inspiration that these small joys present themselves; when we’re feeling low or questioning life and its entirety, that’s when we can fully appreciate individual joys, no matter their size.

So thank you rose, for choosing today to reveal yourself to me.



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