Day 23

3…2…1…and the countdown has commenced, the clock is ticking, the winch is winding down, and we’re in the final stretch! With only three days left of my internship, I’m slowly starting to acknowledge the fact that everything is about to change very, very soon. It’s crazy to think about, really. Each day has come and passed with it’s own unique twists and turns and there have been plenty of times when I wished I could just be done already. But now that it’s actually coming to a close, Im finding myself wanting to shut my eyes, do a 180, and run back to the start with my hands in the air.

            But the days aren’t over yet; I’ve still got plenty of things to take on before I jet on outta here. Today, once again, was filled with overcast skies and dreary eyes as I rolled out of bed and questioned whether or not I should even bother heading in to work. It had been pouring all night and the drizzle was still on and off as I sipped my chai tea at the kitchen table. Hmmmph, I guess I should go, I mean I only have three more days, right? After making the call, I started thinking out loud.

            “Soooo I guess I’m gonna go in…do I bike or drive?” I asked my housemate sitting across from me, who happens to also work at the ESL garden only her job consists of office work indoors.

            “I haven’t biked once in the past two weeks…” she said with a bit of a sigh, “it’s just so terrible biking in the rain, ya know?”

            She was definitely right about that, but at the same time I knew my work outside would only leave me rain soaked regardless, so I figured getting a tad wet on the ride there wasn’t that big of an issue. So upstairs I headed to grab my helmet and rain jacket.

            Surprisingly, the trip wasn’t too bad. It drizzled the first bit of the ride but slowed to a steady sprinkle about halfway, meaning I was simply…refreshed by the time I turned into the driveway. And if there were any doubts muddling my mind, they were quickly washed away as that great, gargantuan, hunter green truck made its way into my line of vision. And that could only mean one thing…Ann’s back!!! Suddenly my energy skyrocketed and I ran inside, slamming the door, and searching the house until I found that familiar face plopped down at the giant dining room table.

            I knew she’d gotten back from Rwanda recently but wasn’t sure when to be expecting to see her, if at all, before I left. Thankfully, she had decided to swing by and check out what I’d been doing at the garden since she’d left and help out with anything that needed to get done for the day. Thankful for her thoughtfulness, the two of us headed outside to start extending the blueberry patch like Carrie had requested. What had come as a rather…unwelcomed task when I imagined how long and drawn out doing it on my own would be soon turned into a much more fun and enjoyable experience. Just like it had been at the start of my internship, Ann and I finished the project in record speed, meaning more time to talk about her trip!

            Knowing that the weather was looking iffy tomorrow, we both decided that we’d see each other Friday, as we agreed upon an equal exchange: she’d help me move out of my (our) room at the house if I’d help her move into it. It’s sad knowing the next time we see each other will simultaneously be the last, but I quickly pushed those negative thoughts aside—no sense in being upset on a day like today. In conclusion, today’s storm clouds weren’t tough enough to keep things dark at the ESL. So here’s to unexpected plans and dirt-stained hands—farmers reunite!



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