Day 24

            With only one day of work left, it was pretty bittersweet taking today as a research day. The weather app on my phone had been telling me all week that it was supposed to storm, so Carrie and I had agreed upon a day to catch up on my independent project studies. Despite the forecast though, there wasn’t a drop of rain—I guess the skies must have dried up from the past few days of showers. So after sleeping in a bit, I felt kiiiiinda guilty eating my breakfast outside in a lawn chair and enjoying the warmth of the sun’s rays on skin that wasn’t covered in dirt and sweat for a change.

            “Maybe I should go in,” I thought as I finished my eggs and toast. Uh oh, here she comes…the perfectionist in me was ready to pounce, nagging at my lazy half because I only had one more day and still quite a bit I could get done at the garden.


Still on my checklist:

-Weed out potato bed

-Find a place to put the newly constructed raised beds

-Mow the pathway down to the ash trees

-Clear the newly cut patch so Ann can start planting next week


            Ughhh…I reallllllly don’t feel like digging that patch up today (or ever) I thought to myself as I imagined the time and energy it would take to dig up an entire plot of grass with only a shovel. And then, just as my mind was getting all muddled from my checklist and lack of time, the coolest green beetle landed right on my pointer finger. Startled at first, I almost flicked him off in haste before I stopped to see how intricately he was painted with streaks of brown and flecks of gold. And then to add to my lovely surprise the pure, staccato whistle of an oriole filled the silence of the yard, making my morning even more glorious.

So, as you may have guessed, my lazy side won this battle. I stayed in that chair for about an hour reading my book before deciding that if I wasn’t going to be spending my time productively at the garden, I should at least spend it researching. And of course I had to take advantage of the beautiful weather, so off I went to campus with some papers, a packed lunch, and a picnic blanket to prepare me for a day of rest, reading, and relaxation. Not a bad way to spend my time, though I do admit I missed the garden a tad.

So just to keep it in mind even when we’re not there, here’s a photo of a sculpture erupted in the midst of all the chaos that is the ESL. Constructed by a former student, the copper piece stands over ten feet tall and provides a beautifully unique contrast to the backdrop of corn fields whenever I get the chance to take a break from weeding and look at the rest of the world around me. With today’s tales coming to a close, I’m feeling pretty emotional about having only one more post left…tomorrow is it. It’s all about to be over, ended, kaput, donezo.

Am I ready?

Do I really have a choice?

We’ll find out.



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