So I can really benefit from this?!

The owner came in today during my shift and I asked permission if I could take a few pictures of the bar to use for my class project. He stood there with a puzzled expression for a moment, then asked me how old I was.“…I’m twenty-two, Talgo,” I said with a straight face. I’m always being asked if I’m even old enough to be allowed in a bar, let alone work at one, so this question was frustrating.

“That’s what I thought…but…school project?” He asked quizzically.

I went on to explain that I was finishing up my masters and was using his business as the subject for my most recent project. After hearing the situation, he happily agreed and was even excited to learn more about it. I think he was excited to see someone evaluate his business, as this could obviously point out some things that weren’t very effective and efficient as is. He said he wanted to know more about it when I finished, and I’m actually really excited to tell him.

Having these types of interactions helps keep me interested in projects like this, as I see them being useful in real life. I think that’s one of the things I like best about this course so far, is that we are encouraged to focus on a situation that we would like to work in in the future. Not only will this help the business I’m working at now, but it could also give me a much firmer ground to start from if I choose to open my own bar/restaurant in the future!


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